Boatbuilding in the Struck family was initiated by Robert Struck (1899-1985). He built his first boat at his very young age, i.e. when he was only 22.

Owning a boat in those days was a necessity because the profession of fisherman had always been associated with the main source of income. Therefore, he was a fisherman and boatbuilder. Most of the boats built by Robert were the rowing-sailing boats.

The advent of combustion engines forced a change in the construction of boats. At the age of 39, Robert Struck and his brother Jan built a 19-metre cutter, numbered Bór-52 and called "The Star of the Sea".

Antoni Konkel, in his book entitled "Rocznik Helski" No. I/2000, described the stories of a boatbuilder Robert Struck in the way as follows ... (Article, pictures with the girls on the boat).


Juliusz Struck (1933-2016), syn Roberta.

One of the many activities of the young boy was assisting his father in the construction of boats. In this way, Juliusz gradually practised and, at the same time, developed his skills in boatbuilding. Therefore, he acquired experience in this very difficult profession, requiring a lot of patience.

One of the favourite sayings of Juliusz Struck was: "... for this job you have to have the Benedictine patience ...". In 1958, at the age of 25, he participated in the construction of a 16 m cutter with his uncle - Brunon Konkel (2 photos).

In 1962, Juliusz Struck started his independent boatbuilding.

He used a small garage of his home as a workshop.

Since then, he alternately dealt with boatbuilding and fishing.

He built motor boats using the shell – overlap and the contact- caravel methods. In summer, he built larger boats in the yard. (photos)

In 1989, he and his sons, Piotr and Jacek, began building the Boatyard.

There, other boats are created, and they serve fishermen as their place of work.

Jerzy Litwin describes Juliusz Struck as a Folk Boatbuilder in his book entitled "Polish Folk Boatbuilding of the Twentieth Century".






Jacek Struck (1967r.), son of Juliusz.

He represents the third generation in the Struck family engaged in traditional boatbuilding in wood. He has always been present in the workshop since his early age.

He helped his father at work with greater or lesser involvement. Trained as a carpenter, he worked briefly in this profession. He has worked as a boatbuilder in the newly built Boatyard since 1992.

He and his father created fishing and tourist boats. While continuing his family tradition, he decided to return to the construction of the rowing - sailing boats modelled on the old Pomeranka boats.

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