29.900 EUR

Sailing boat "Pomeranka"

Sailing boat "Pomeranka"

Technical data:

Type of boat: Pomeranka
Year of construction: May 2023
Length: 6.80m
Width: 2.55m
Weight: 790kg
Accommodates: up to 5-6 people
Material : Larch with oak elements.
Type : Open-deck non-cabin, flat-bottomed boat.
Draught: Low

Price: 29.900 EUR or about 133.000 PLN

I'm pleased to present the newest one-of-a-kind Pomeranka wooden boat. It was handmade by me, following the long-standing traditions of boatbuilding, using the highest quality selected wood. This boat embodies tradition, beauty, and exquisite craftsmanship

The Pomeranka is a sailing boat constructed primarily of larch wood, with oak elements. Its gaff-type sails allow for easy steering and manoeuvring in all conditions. The beige foresail and mainsail perfectly complement the warm tones of the wood, enhancing the boat's elegance and harmony.

Featuring a centerboard box with a daggerboard, it ensures smooth steering and complete control, even in stronger winds. With its flat keel, the boat is capable of sailing to any shore.

The open deck comfortably accommodates 5-6 people and measures 6 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width, and weighs approximately 790 kg. The boat's length provides stability while sailing and allows for unrestricted movement on deck. Its excellent specifications make it versatile, easy to handle, and comfortable.

This boat is ideal for enthusiasts who appreciate the unique charm of wooden craftsmanship. Pomeranka is a typical sailing boat designed for leisure and recreation. Ideal for short trips alone, with family, friends.